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Perfect 3inch Mahogany Obsidian Skull

Perfect 3inch Mahogany Obsidian Skull

This sweet mahogany obsidian is ready to help!  

S/he is 246g or 8.6oz and 3"x2.15"x1.5"

Many use it in times of need, to remove energy blocks and give new life to purposes and goals. Healers use it to relieve pain and improve circulation. Obsidian is also considered to be useful for those suffering from depression or addiction. Mahogany obsidian, in particular, is said to increase sexuality and sensuality, most notably the sense of touch.

All skulls and other crystals are cleansed and receive a shamanic blessing before coming home to you.
Our skulls and all other crystals are always kept together with my personal collection and master skull, and receive tons of love, until it's time to move on to new keeper.

*please remember this is not a substitute for medical attention.

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