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Heather 'Painted Deer' D'Amico

Shaman*Reiki Master*Massage Therapist*Crystal Therapist*Intuitive*Speaker

*Crystal Skull Keeper*Tarot Reader*Teacher

For 20 years, I've had the honor of helping people on their path to wellness

Heather Damico-LMT-Massage-Reiki-Shaman-Crystals-South Jersey-Pitman-NJ-Teacher-Tarot
Heather Damico-Shaman-Massage-Pitman-New Jersey-Reiki-Crystals-Intuitive-Tarot-Medium

 Some of my techniques include Reiki, shamanic healing, Intuitive channeling, crystal therapy with the crystal skulls, tarot card reading, and massage therapy. I enjoy combining everything into customized sessions and classes to get you to your highest potential. 

 The crystal skulls and dragons have been with me for many of my past lives and continue in this one. They work in beautiful symbiosis to help people daily. I am grateful and humbled every day by the amazing "work" I get to be a part of.

A little of my story...

Raised by a beautifully intuitive woman, I was always encouraged to explore and learn. I began visiting Harry's Occult Shop in Philadelphia, PA at 14 years old and it remained my safe space until it closed in my 30's. Candle magick became my most used medium and has remained a mainstay in my work today. This led me into energy work in my mid twenties. As a mom, I found it important to learn natural ways to help my kids thrive. This led to training in Reiki, IET, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Shamanism, Massage Therapy, and many other therapies. My natural abilities continue to grow as does my respect for this path and gratefulness.

I have owned multiple wellness businesses over the years, spent time as a massage therapy instructor and even a kickboxing instructor! I love to share knowledge and be a part of this community! Besides wonderful kids and an amazing partner, I have way too many fur babies!


 My soul's path is helping people be their best and bringing the crystal skulls back into the forefront & working with them in the spiritual ways of old.

I see clients virtually and at my private practice in Pitman. NJ. You can also find me at local events with the carvings, giving lectures, and classes all around the Tri-state area. 

As I tell every client, please reach out if I can help in any way!

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