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Meena Himalayan Quartz Alien w/Lab Eyes

Meena Himalayan Quartz Alien w/Lab Eyes

Such a special one! Imagine my surprise when Subhash Meena offered these three sweet aliens to our shop! This is the largest and last one left with beautiful labradorite eyes. These are the only aliens I have seen from the Meena family in a long time. Sweet personalities on them all. This is an older carving which I love!

S/he is 322g and 2.75"x2"x2.5"

Himalayan Quartz is a stone of self-discovery, transformation, self-empowerment, and serenity. It offers deep spiritual cleansing and works as a guide through our journey of life and through periods of intense personal metamorphosis. Himalayan Quartz can be used to cleanse, amplify, and recharge other crystals.

Labradorite is a crystal linked to our Third Eye and Crown Chakra, allowing us to connect with our higher selves and the divine. It is the perfect stone for bringing awareness to the connection between our physical 3D reality and the 5D astral world.

All skulls are cleansed and receive a shamanic blessing before coming home to you.
Our skulls are always kept together with my personal collection and master skull, and receive tons of love, until it's time to move on to new keeper.

*please remember this is not a substitute for medical attention.

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