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Gorgeous Calcite Dragon

Gorgeous Calcite Dragon

Only a few remain from this batch of dragons, most flew out before ever making Etsy. This is a stunning banded yellow calcite full of sunshine!

S/he is 254g or 9oz and 3.25"x2.5"x1.75"

Calcite amplifies energy and can clear, open and strengthen the chakras. It encourages stability and self-trust, and helps us to transform ideas into actions. Calcite is an aid to healing and strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as strengthening cell walls and may also support clotting of the blood.

All skulls are cleansed and receive a shamanic blessing before coming home to you.
Our skulls are always kept together with my personal collection and master skull, and receive tons of love, until it's time to move on to new keeper.

*please remember this is not a substitute for medical attention.

    $165.00 Regular Price
    $123.75Sale Price
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