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2.2" Crazy Lace Agate Skull

2.2" Crazy Lace Agate Skull

Sometime they arrive and are eager to find their keeper. That is definitely the story here! Just the most wonderful eager energy on this beauty. S/he is on a mission to find the right person for all her/his gifts to bloom like the flower shape on his/her head!

S/he is an extraordinary Crazy Lace Agate
S/he is 2.1"x1.4"x2" and 5.5oz

Crazy lace agate helps to increase one's energy and encourage concentration so that one can stay on task and complete goals much easier. This stone's help with focusing makes it a great stone for those with ADHD. It is said this stone promotes inner stability, composure and maturity and its warm protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.

All skulls are cleansed and receive a shamanic blessing before coming home to you.
Our skulls are always kept together with my personal collection and master skull, and receive tons of love, until it's time to move on to new keeper.

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